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About EarthSmarte Water of Central Texas

My name is Don Ward and I have over 22 years serving in Executive Customer Success roles in the High Technology industry. With a passion for improving my customers lives with great products and solutions, I now apply my customer success and business experience to the Whole House Hard Water Treatment and Filtration industry with the industry’s best products – the PhSmarte 1000 Series from EarthSmarte Water!

My company & dealership, EarthSmarte Water of Central Texas, is headquartered in the beautiful Hill Country area of Austin, Texas. My Central Texas Territory proudly and loyally stands ready to offer services to over 5 million residents and businesses in 41 Texas Counties. I look forward to improving your lives as existing and future customers of the highest quality clean Alkaline water to every faucet, shower, and tap in your home or business.

Our Product: The PhSmarte 1000

EarthSmarte Water is a national manufacturer of Whole House No Salt Hard Water Treatment systems.  We are a full-service water dealer with over 40 years of experience treating water problems.

The PhSmarte 1000 Whole House System uses NO Salt or Potassium, NO Maintenance, NO Filters to change and the unit is self-cleaning.

The Versatile Design Enables:

  • Installation horizontal or vertically
  • Prolongs life of water using appliances and water heater
  • Removes existing scale in 90 days
  • Prevents new scale build-up
  • Makes ugly mineral deposits easy to remove
  • Saves money on soaps and detergents.
  • Absolutely NO MAINTENANCE
  • Makes water more soluable
  • Helps unclog shower heads and faucets
  • Designed for municipal (city) water problems
  • Treats up to 60 GPG hardness
  • Can be used on PVC, copper or galvanized pipes

The EarthSmarte Water No Salt Whole House Hard Water Treatment System supplies Alkaline water consistently throughout your entire home.

Our Location

EarthSmarte Water of Central Texas

P.O. Box 341226
Austin, TX 78734

phone: 512-751-0048

email: eswaustin@gmail.com

All new customers receive a $500 discount.

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